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About Talkeer
Talkeer is an open and free platform for language learning and teaching, connecting languages learners and tutors worldwide.
How to Teach?
Teachers can teach using video or voice chat function in Talkeer app. For that, teachers need a smart phone, or tablet, and good quality internet connection.
How to Apply?
Download Talkeer App and sign up, go to your personal profile page, then submit Tutoring Application. Talkeer staff will review and approve your application quickly.
Advantages of Teaching on Talkeer
  • No minimum tutoring hours required;
  • Schedule your timetable as you wish;
  • Set your lesson fees freely;
  • Have learners of ages 12~50 worldwide;
  • Get paid each lesson immediately;
  • Withdraw your earnings anytime.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How to apply?
Am I qualified?
Only if you are passionate about teaching languages, are friendly, and speak clearly, you are qualified to teach on Talkeer. Of course, having teaching certificates or teaching experience is always a great asset. Tutor candidates are highly encouraged to provide such background information.
How to teach?
First, a lesson is scheduled for a tutor and a student. Both log into Talkeer App in time, and start voice / video chat. Good internet connection and a smart phone or tablet are needed. Earphones are highly recommended.
What to teach?
At present, Talkeer does not provide teaching materials, or curriculum plans. Tutors can discuss with the students on subjects or topics in advance of the lesson. In most cases, what students need is a good partner to practice with. Sure, the partner is expected to help with cultural knowledge, grammar, vocabulary, etc.
Can I teach a language except English?
Talkeer welcomes all tutors of all languages, e.g. Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Nepali, Hindi. We believe, anyone is potential to be a language tutor, at least teaching his / her native language.
Minimum tutoring hours requirements?
No minimum tutoring hours requirements. Talkeer tutors are free to schedule their time.
Lesson price
Talkeer only sets the minimum lesson fee. Talkeer tutors are free to set their lesson fees only if it is not lower than the minimum lesson fee.
Cash out
Talkeer tutors are free to cash out their earnings. No limits on time and amount. At present, payment methods provided are PayPal, AliPay and Wechat Pay.
How to recruit students?
1) Post actively, to share language knowledge, and to show your languages skills. It builds your reputation in Talkeer community, then encourages students to book your lessons.

2) Publish Public Lesson Invitations, as frequently as possible, to show your availability and what you plan to teach to all Talkeer students. Thus students interested will book your lessons.
How to schedule a lesson?
1) A student sends a Tutoring Lesson Invitation to a tutor. If the tutor accepts it, then a Tutoring Lesson is established.

2) A tutor publishes a Public Tuturing Lesson Invitation which is exposed to all Talkeer students. If any interested student responds by sending a private Tutoring Lesson Invitation to you, and you accept it, then a Tutoring Lesson is established.
Impromptu Tutoring Lesson?
In a 1 to 1 IM window, the student invites the tutor to teach by voice or video calling. If the teacher accepts the call, thus an Impromptu Lesson starts, and lasts till the chat ends. After the lesson, the tutor is paid immediately based on the length the chat actually lasts.
Who are the students mainly?
Talkeer students age range is quite wide, including kids and adults. But they are adults mainly. They are from all over the world.
How many students each lesson?
Only one student each lesson.
How long is one lesson?
Each Scheduled Lesson is 30 minutes. Each Impromptu Lesson lasts as long as the video / voice chat actually lasts, and the fee for Impromptu Lesson is based on how long the Impromptu lesson actually lasts.
Where do I teach?
Teachers can teach anywhere in the world with a smart phone or tablet, and good internet connection.
How do I communicate with my students?
All communications with students is done through Talkeer's messaging system.
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